Why California Mom?

While many of my proposals have a far-reaching impact on our city-economy, security, and local governance that transcend beyond our Anaheim city boundaries; I will always remember to listen, learn and collaborate with our California moms to make our city the safest, inclusive, prosperous and welcoming place to live, work, study and raise a family. I cannot do this alone, as your next Mayor of Anaheim, I am asking for your prayers, help, and participation as California moms to join me in making an enduring, meaningful, and positive difference for our kids, moms, and our city. I created California Mom to be a collaborative, dedicated, and open internet space to share, learn, and find solutions from each other.

Vote Fuji For Anaheim Mayor

As your next Mayor of Anaheim, I will be there for you mom!

Thank you for all you do for our most precious, meaningful and valuable treasure we have as a city, our kids. Our kids are our future.